On How To Make 17th-Century Delights: Whipp’d Syllabub

And here I always thought Tori Amos had made the word up to use in the lyrics for 'Mr. Zebra.'

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On The Bodybuilder's Guide To Getting Rid Of "Computer Back"

@Hamilton I'll second that!

I wholeheartedly endorse Rippetoe's Starting Strength program, btw: http://startingstrength.wikia.com/wiki/FAQ:The_Program -- 5 basic lifts, with the addition of pull ups and chin ups to make your arms look nice. My desk job-related back pain has diminished considerably since I started it a year ago. (And nobody's paying me to say that.)

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On Man Still Typing

@sorry your heinous I have a bit more respect for Douthat solely b/c he openly admits he's a conservative & doesn't try to pass himself off as a moderate to the extent Brooks does.

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On Man Still Typing

Oh wait, I forgot Brisbane, too.

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On Man Still Typing

#1 reason I will never pay for a Times subscription is they still have Friedman, Keller, Brooks, Leonhardt & Sorkin on the payroll. If they can still afford to pay those hacks, they clearly don't need my money.

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On 'The Autobiography Of Henry VIII': Which Ill-Fated Wife Would You Be?

@lobsterhug there was indeed a lot of sex in the Mary Queen of Scots book. Filthy, filthy, delightful. You know it's classic trash when there's a sex scene involving John Knox.

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On My Conversation With A Wells Fargo Fraud Specialist

Love your work on Marketplace, Stacey. Glad to see you posting on the Awl.

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On An Analysis of the Thomas Kinkade Calendar for April

@sigerson I think the death of the Old Master calls for a retrospective!

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On What If Ron Paul Stopped Working and It Didn't Matter?

To be fair, the House is controlled by Republicans right now so most of the stuff that made it to the floor for a vote was probably garbage anyway.

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On Celebrate Leap Day With Kevin Kline's Magnificent Chest Hair

@jolie seriously, a couple more posts are merited, specifically on A) how hot Kevin Kline is and B) Linda Ronstadt. LR might be appropriate for a Scandals of Classic Hollywood for all of her boyfriends, now that I think about it.

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