On The End Of The Wunderkind

Thanks Dan…

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On The End Of The Wunderkind

@scrooge Ah, but look at his early life… he got where he was by keeping at it. There were few breaks, few opportunities, few signs of genius. Victory came comparatively late, especially when set against typical life spans (which, of course, he blew past).

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On What A Wonderful Week—And Future!—For The 'New York Times'!

@TheBigBabyP No, this is about the tech that will enable the NYT - or any news organization - to do data analytics. But I think the only way to monetize that data is to produce better content. In this, the loss of Nate Silver is a real blow; but if the paper'sleaders were savvy, they'd just hire a mathematician and pair him or her with a good writer and build out the 538 concept.

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On What A Wonderful Week—And Future!—For The 'New York Times'!

@Chris ZS The thesis is that content and targeting occupy a virtuous circle. And only a handful of media players have the ability to create premium content for premium consumers. There are huge applications in this data for the Times from B2B advertising to a global C-suite audience for reliable, in-depth news. Apply data analytics to that in real time, and you have a product.

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On How To Not Be Ezra Klein

The piece might have been sourced to his mom, dad, and childhood plush toys; but it was the photographer wot screwed him. Klein now looks like he's trying to be all Mel Brooks or Larry David, except his friends shiv him with humorlessness and chronic, careerist self-control.

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