On The American Ebola Story

You forgot the subtext of "dirty, evil, non-white foreigners are bringing this into our country and we need to ban them immediately."
It's something of a relief to know that when this happened in Spain the Spaniards reacted just as badly, though.

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On The Chosen Vegetables

Hey, screw the Lebanese, I invented that zucchini fritter thing two summers ago.

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On Who Reads 'Mein Kampf'?

Its interesting that those views mimic the views people had of Hitler in the 1930s. "Yes, he hates Jews, but he's the leader who'll restore Germany!" "We need a Hitler over here to deal with the Depression!" The same rationalizations over again. Suggests that not much has changed.

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On Some Things I Will Miss About Brooklyn

@Chris Arnade@twitter One of my particular memories is of walking on Ocean Parkway on a Saturday afternoon and an Orthodox kid running up to my husband and asking "Who won the Mets game last night?" (Obviously, the game ending after the Sabbath, he'd been unable to watch/listen to it.) That said, the Orthodox world is complex and some are more in tune with the outside world than others. As far as Brighton Beach, I didn't grow up there but my impression was that most Russians came in the 70s, which is when the US began granting almost unlimited visas to refugees from Soviet countries. However, again, the actual situation may be more complicated.

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On Some Things I Will Miss About Brooklyn

This brings back memories of living on Ocean Parkway in the 90s. Big Victorian houses in Kensington, the branch library there, Orthodox Jews and Pakistanis on Coney Island Avenue, Italian stores in Bensonhurst, where my husband's roots were, the population of my building gradually changing from Holocaust survivors to Russian immigrants. I still dream about Brooklyn a lot.

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On Checking In With the American Conversation About Gentrification

Someone probably worked very hard to draw that cup and letter it in (in chalk, no less) just right in a way that is worthy of Haight-Ashbury even though I can't read the second section between Pomegranate and Green Tea and you've just gone and blown up their whole day.

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On Ask Polly: You Are Not Uniquely Fucked

@themegnapkin The metaphor I use is like a pick-up volleyball game. You enjoy it, you play your heart out for your side. But you know just the same that's a game, that in 20 minutes you'll be done and then what seemed so important won't be any longer...and that's the way it's meant to be.

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On Ask Polly: You Are Not Uniquely Fucked

I just want to say that every single time I have had a crisis in my life (and quite often the crisis is over something that no one else would see as critical), I have said to God, "OK, I'm just going to lie down on the floor now and die and when I open my eyes, you're going to have fixed everything, OK?" And it never works. Not because God doesn't exist, but because it doesn't work that way in life. You have to put in the effort to get what you want or to get through something.
Another thing to consider is that (as Buddhism teaches) detaching yourself from wanting will bring some internal peace. It will allow you to enjoy the world without necessarily relying on it for happiness. You will be less angry, less demanding, of it and of you.

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On Murder In Los Angeles

It's nice the newspaper commentators are somewhat sensitive. I recently knew a person in my hometown who was killed in a break-in and the comments under the newspaper article made me despair of humanity. None of them were intentionally malicious, but they seemed to think that a brief article about a man they didn't know being killed was a good place to show off snarky remarks.
Anyway, it's posts like this that keep me reading The Awl. Thanks.

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On Bodies Given To Science

I work in a med school and we get our bodies from Texas -- ordering and shipping them is a huge deal. (We used to get bodies from CA but one of the local news stations ran a story with sleazy graphics which implied we were doing something untoward.) Anyway, at the end of the year we always have a ceremony for the bodies with candles and non-denominational type prayers. I don't know what happens to them after that.

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