On The Stupidity Of New York's Long, Expensive (And Ongoing) War On Graffiti

I agree with Adam to a point, problem is if you let these writers do what they want, then you look like what Italy does now, who now is having to spend enormous amounts of money to remove and then try to restore the buildings from decades of graffiti because vandals do not care that it is a historic building, all they care is that it is a flat space to vandalize. There is a portion of people where graffiti is an art, the problem is that only about 5% fall into this area, the other 95% have no talent and just want to vandalize the property of others. Stop the 95% and you would see a bigger appreciation of graffiti. Art id on your own property and vandalism to the property of others without permission to do it, pure and simple.

Posted on January 15, 2013 at 8:51 pm 0