On How Much More Do Televisions Cost Today?

}}} "This is poverty that we’re talking about, a relative level of living standards"

No, that's NOT POVERTY.
Poverty, noun
1. the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support
1. Poverty, destitution, need, want imply a state of privation and lack of necessities. Poverty denotes serious lack of the means for proper existence

What you WANT that others **HAVE**, that's ENVY. It's GREED. It's got nothing to do with POVERTY. That people like you "redefine" poverty with an Orwellian twist of meanings to allow you to demand redistributionism because until there is actual "equality" of income (i.e., total socialism), then a LACK of poverty is not even POSSIBLE by this definition short of that.

Marxism is BOVINE EXCRETA. There's a reason it's FAILED everywhere it's been tried, and generally quickly devolves into INEQUITY and DESPOTISM.

}}} "The implied redefinition of 'poverty' as 'abject poverty' is certainly a conversation starter"

As I noted in another comment and demonstrate above -- the "redefinition" is being done by the LEFT, not the RIGHT -- because your "ABJECT poverty" IS the meaning of POVERTY. The left has been STEADILY misusing the term for several DECADES now and figure it's now time to steal the word for good.
The best historical example of this technique is well known:

And now
POVERTY is YOU not having everything anyone else has.

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On How Much More Do Televisions Cost Today?

@BadUncle YOU can suck bark off a tree.

The biggest HEALTH concern for "poor" Americans is OBESITY. If anyone is suffering from "malnutrition" it's because of bad food CHOICES not from inadequate OPTIONS.

It is **liberals** who have attempted to redefine poverty AS relative, not conservatives. They've redefined "poverty" as a percentage of median income in place of "missing essential things required just to merely survive".

This would be food, shelter, clothing, and if you wanted to push it, BASIC ESSENTIAL medical care (liposuction, nahhhh. Abortions, nahhhh).

Color TVs and US$150 Nikes -- NOT needed to survive. Particularly when it's a matter of having "only" TWO color TVs against seven, or whatever the standard is for liberals for those who are "all too rich" (translated: It's ok to *steal* from them).

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