On Ebola and You

I literally had The Hot Zone open on my lap when I read the news about the latest outbreak. That shit is scary!! Also, for those of you that haven't read the book - READ IT NOW. It's amazing. It's horrifying, but it's seriously one of the best book's I've ever read (and re-read).

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On Ask Polly: My Great Job At A Top International News Publication Sucks Ass!

@Tenar UGH YES ME TOO. I literally just got off the phone with my boyfriend, crying because I feel SO bored and stuck at my "dream job" in a field that's hard to break into. I feel like, at 26, I should already be established and have a better job and better insurance and I kind of hate my career path.

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On Ask Polly: How Do I Stop Meeting Arrogant, Mentally Ill Pricks?

@blueblazes after also dating a slew of terrible people (including one who punched me in the face when I started seeing someone new several months after HE broke up with ME), I met Mr. Shoes at a party hosted by a mutual friend. Our friend is gay, as was everyone else I knew at the party, so I assumed Mr. Shoes was gay as well. Because of that, I wasn't nervous around him (like I usually am with handsome straight men) and we had some intelligent and hilarious conversation. It was only after I told Mutual Friend that HE should date Mr. Shoes that I found out he was not, in fact, quite as gay as I had assumed. Mr. Shoes asked me for my number, called the next day, took me on the best date I've ever been on, and we've been together ever since.

We recently moved into our first place together (after three years), and it's WONDERFUL. In a weird way, I'm happy now that I dated jerks for so long, because I can really appreciate how thoughtful and compassionate he is.

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On Dear Mom

@Adam Taylor@twitter yeah... I did the same thing with A Walk to Remember (didn't realize what an uplifting ending it had) with my mom and my BALD FROM CHEMO LITTLE BROTHER. I was a HUGE doofus. My mom left the theater sobbing. Bro is totally fine now, but man - mom has NEVER let me forget that one.

Ugh thinking about this makes me feel like I was such a shitty teenager...

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On In A Bar In West Virginia, Watching Beyoncé Sing

I haven't even finished reading, but I did have to come down here and comment on the imagery of Hillary Clinton sleeping her way to the top. So obvious! How did I never know this before?! (ha.)

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On CNN Executives Carefully Reviewing Reader Submission From Atheist Mom

Agh, I just typed out a whole thing about reading the article and now it's disappeared! Basically, I read the iReport this morning and had a sinking feeling that people were going to flag it for being inappropriate. This is so unfortunate because it was very well written and not (unlike some of the commenters) trying to push any kind of agenda on anyone. Once again, good job internet! (that was sarcasm, just in case)

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On New Coca-Cola Ads Wondering How You All Got So Fat

This is relevant to my curiosity from this morning! I definitely saw one of Coke's new billboards that says "140 calories per can!" I wasn't sure if they wanted that to be a positive thing or a negative thing, but now I know they think it's a positive. I, however, am skeptical.

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