On Can You Guess What The Weather Is Going To Be Like This Week?

What's amazing Alex is that back when you were just a whippersnapper people just called this misery "winter".

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On Do NOT Use An Umbrella For Snow, What Is WRONG With You?

This is just proof of the "Asian wave". I live in Seoul and everyone uses umbrellas in the snow. It annoyed the hell out me at first. I ranted. I bitched. Then, I got poked in the eye. I was told the umbrella must be used to protect one's person. It's only a matter of time New York.

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On 23 Years Of Simpsons

I loved Life In Hell before the Simpsons. Had a hero Uncle that introduced me in Middle School. Made the connection on the Tracy Ullman show and anticipated the hell out of the premier. My greatest memory, however, is sitting around a friend's apartment and us all getting pissed because they were'nt showing the Simpsons because of Gulf War coverage. Imagine the nerve!

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