On Ask Polly: My Boyfriend Thinks I'm Ugly

I think the issue at hand here was that at the very beginning, she should have said, "Well, you're not exactly Ryan Gosling yourself, ass face. If my looks as is aren't good enough for you, there's the door. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut about it." Letting him criticize her for so long and then letting him lie to her for so long is the issue, not her personal perception of her looks. They need to have a conversation about how photoshop is not reality, how love based on physical attraction can't last, how honesty in a relationship should never extend to cruelty, and how the continued national belief that women's bodies are around exclusively to be admired, critiqued, and fucked by men is a crime.
And if she's just dating a guy with a filter problem, then it's not exclusive to this and she deserves what she's got.

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On How Much More Does Taking The Subway Cost Today?

Just an FYI, sometimes when they stop the train and don't tell you anything, it's because there's a wanted fugitive on the train, and the cops are searching the cars. So "police investigation" is way better than silence so as not to scare off the knife-wielding psycho asking if you know why the train is stopped. True story.

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On 'Crash': The Most Loathsome Best Picture Of Them All

I might feel the way you guys did if I hadn't seen the movie in a Magic Johnson Theater in Harlem where some people behind me ululated every time the Persians were on screen. You think a movie's heavy-handed until you've experienced that in real time. Also I think it's worth something that a person's racism or misogyny or anything else, no matter how deplorable, is not the whole of that person and not necessarily permanent (re: almost everyone's grandmother and George Wallace). Also, I would have given the Oscar to any movie over Brokeback solely because of how bad Hathaway's aged makeup was toward the end.

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On Our Top 11 Movies to Skip This Holiday Season

I laughed hard (on the inside 'cause I'm at work) at the synopsis for Anna Karenina.

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