On The Most Expensive T-Shirt in New York City Costs $91,500.00

Is it this: http://cdni.condenast.co.uk/426x639/Shows/SS2013/Paris/Mens/Hermes/00400big_426x639.jpg

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On Fit Of Pique

I'm pouring over this post very carefully.

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On Job Bad

Working for free is technically not so much "employment" as "a hobby."

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On Irony Is Wonderful, Terrific, Fantastic!

Wallace's yearning for the "New Sincerity" was always transparently an expression of his desire to eradicate what he disliked about his own work and (I think) his own character. It's critically overlooked far too often that Wallace, while he wasn't a big fan of the ironic mode, was one of its all-time best practitioners. His ironic detachment, along with his depression, his sense of being fundamentally fraudulent, and the deep solipsism that seems to have always prevented him from really understanding that these things are the human condition, not just his own personal problems, are the basic amino acids that brought all of his work to life. Ironically, his speculation about a "New Sincerity" tends to be taken completely at face value, when I think it is much more interestingly viewed as a self-criticism.

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