On Manic Pixie Dream Mom

It's a very plausible reading, but some would argue that it is an authoritarian one. For Freud, what separates the child from the mother is the castrating paternal authority that brings prohibitions, sexual repression, obedience and conformity to the Law. So to give up the idealized mother is to submit to the paternal authority.

That's what you might say if you were a follower of Wilhelm Reich, who was highly influential in the 1960s counterculture. It's no coincidence that these movies are so often about rejecting dull conformity and becoming an artist.

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On I Hated 'Avatar' With The Fire Of A Thousand Suns, by Maria Bustillos

That movie was about race?? I thought it was the story about that time the Marines invaded Berkeley to "extract their natural resources" (recruiting in the high schools), and they managed to beat them back! Plus a romance about one Maine who fell in love with a Code Pink activist because she was in touch with the mysterious and sublime ways of Nature.

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On How Much Does the Modern Father Suck?

Another form of tyranny: cute kids. Our brains are wired to want to take care of them, and they exploit that by acting like needy douche-bags and demanding that everyone bends over backwards for them.

Sometimes I run into one in the elevator, and they just stare at me the whole time. I tell them to back the F off, and then their parent says "You can't talk like that to a kid!" Just because you decided to have kids and be their doormat doesn't mean I have to!

When are kids going to learn they have to deal with reality like the rest of us?

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On How Much Does the Modern Father Suck?

I totally agree - without my consent, people writing about stuff that I don't care about is an infringement on my rights, akin to intellectual rape! No means no, Foer!

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