On Polly Asks: New York Magazine Wants Me to Write Ask Polly For Them. Should I Tell Them to Piss Off?

By all means, take the opportunity. But I'm sure you've seen enough indie movies to know that they'll start jerking you around sooner or later because of some corporate blah blah blah. At least for a while you'll be able to sneer at your husband's puny salary.

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On The Beatles, "Words Of Love"

"Everything you listen to now will similarly someday be the music young people hear with an academic ear and the detachment brought about by distance."

I disagree. I've never met a child who didn't greet Beatles music with instinctual delight. There'll be no Beatlemania response in the future, but good music lives on and on. Just ask Mozart!

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On Guess Which Homo Is Going To See "Ender's Game" Tomorrow?

Heh. At first I thought "Bender's Game" was a differnt kind of movie.

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On Do You Believe That God Created The Bunnies And The Clouds And The Skeletons With A Touch Of His Finger?

from the article: "When a social science [...] tells us first that men are polygamous and women homebodies, and then that men are monogamous and women gallivanters [...] maybe it’s time to retire the whole approach."

The problem here is the inability of some people to accept ambiguity. Science advances by fits and starts, advancing a theory then partially proving the theory, then finding a new fact and making a new theory. This is absolutely unacceptable to someone who needs an authoritarian system of rules that are inflexible. To them, this is comforting. To the rest of us it's a prison.

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On Let's All Act Like We're Angry Today!

@Niko Bellic

I come for the California navel-gazer articles!

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On Let's All Act Like We're Angry Today!

Boy, you New Yorkers sure are self centered.

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On Hair Is Wasted On The Hairful

This may be the first post I've read on the Awl that was about a man's issue as such.

I decided to grow mine out again when I could no longer ignore the spreading peninsulae of bare flesh on top of my head. Thought I'd give it one last shot, remembering my flowing locks from high school days. It looks and feels great to me, but there's really no comparison to my lost glory. I still feel kind baldy.

Oh well.

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On It's Up To Millennials Now


Maybe once everyone has posted their drunky sexy pics online then it won't be such a big thing and we can just get on with our lives.

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On How To Laugh Someone Into Bed

I have never, ever, impressed a woman with my world-class wit. At least not the extent that she wanted to take her clothes off. Sure, they'd rather hang around a guy with a sense of humor, but only in the way that they'd prefer that you don't smell bad or espouse racist bilge.

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On Rich People Money Prettier Than Regular People Money

Take a pill Alex. The dollar bill is unlikely to be redesigned since it's not worth counterfeiting. That's the only reason for new artwork -- to thwart copies.

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