By riotnrrd on When a Man Grabs You on the Subway and Tries to Drag You Down a Flight of Stairs

@sigerson Oh, for fuck's sake.

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By ejcsanfran on Bagels, In Order

I was quite relieved that not a one of those goyishe abominations like cinnamon raisin and blueberry was included here.

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By 21375076@twitter on I Am An Object Of Internet Ridicule, Ask Me Anything

Hipsters are scary to Reddit because hipsters represent "artsy", and "artsy" is bad (and in complete opposition to their STEM fetish). Even the ones who like to read or who like artsy things get in on it. They glamorize writers like Hemingway (when writers were MEN and they drank and threw punches) and crack jokes about English majors. Anyone who goes against the 'mainstream' (a.k.a. anyone who doesn't follow their prescribed notions about what people should and shouldn't do) are weirdos, losers, etc.

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By Swansen on Ask Polly: My Great Job At A Top International News Publication Sucks Ass!

about the international news position/writer. What if its just a sign of the times, what if we have just either worn out or evolved past the previous paradigm. What if our thought process, our consciousness is just beyond the old paradigm at this point. Not so long ago it was just as simple as, hey, i do this job, i work hard at it, i do it well, its what i am. That just doesn't cut it anymore, thats just not able to encompass many of the current people entering the job market. I mean, look at the amount of people on anti-depressants and all these things. How far do we have to go to realize we are just in massive denial about our lives, what we are, and what we are doing. How much more can we just sit by idly as we crush and ignore our souls. Do i have an answer? not entirely, but, i can say that a full time job, mcmansion, 'nice' car, and all that BS we are suppose to aspire towards is not going to help. What will? time, alone time, free time, time not spent occupying the mind. Take more time walking in parks, start a garden, just lay in the lawn on a sunny day and enjoy existing. Ask those hard questions, what i am, what am i doing, what is life, and be patient with answers. I don't think we can any longer hum drum along pretending everything is 'alright' that we are 'alright' that it will 'work out'.

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By Smitros on Responses To "Rape Joke"

The comments collected in the post demonstrate the necessity of the poem.

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By stuffisthings on Millennial Fired For Tweet

@Morbo The Las Vegas food service industry is heavily unionized and they give out *free steaks*.

Also you'd be amazed to learn that countries with high union density and high minimum wages still have restaurants. And even fast food!

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By Josh Michtom on Millennial Fired For Tweet

This IS a workers' rights issue, but not because every worker should be entitled to a tip in those circumstances or to chide stingy financiers or to argue about last-minute shift changes. All of these things - the form of remuneration, the fairness of the manner in which performance is evaluated, and the employees' ability to have regular, predictable work schedules or receive some sort of compensation when shifts are changed on short notice - are the bread and butter of collective bargaining agreements. In other words, these are the reasons why people unionize - so that some lady's crappy camera phone won't cost them their job, and some manager's poor schedule planning won't affect their personal time. Mr. O'Connor, to his credit, recognizes that he was on thin ice in fighting against the workplace discontents the way he did. But his story is a good illustration of the usefulness of collective bargaining and working under a contract.

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