On Ask Polly: I'm a Drunk And No One Likes Me!

@Niko Bellic so... When we Buffalo-natives meet new people and they're all saying where they're from (Pennsylvania, Oregon, South Dakota, whatever) what do you want us to say?

"I'm from New York! What? Oh no, not New York City, just poor old dinky Buffalo. I mean, obviously I wish that my parents had chosen a different place to live, but I guess Buffalo is it. I'm terribly sorry to have momentarily fooled you into thinking that New York is, you know, a state and not just New York City and maybe some parts of Long Island. My bad."

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On 'Atlas Shrugged': Who Is John Galt's Chiropractor?

@Ifyousayso Yay! So glad I'm not the only one! I feel like women are often convinced that selflessness is the best personality trait they could possible have, and then are manipulated 1000 ways based on that. The idea that selfishness isn't just "okay" but is actually a VIRTUE was incredibly freeing. That said, it is a SUPER trashy book, what with the rape, the 50+ page speeches, etc etc.

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On 'Atlas Shrugged': Who Is John Galt's Chiropractor?

Yay I LOVE this! As a die hard liberal I've always been embarrassed to admit that I have a real soft spot for Ayn Rand, but her philosophy, loosely interpreted by 17 year old me as "put yourself first, dammit," while really shitty on a macro political level was actually instrumental in causing me to dump my abusive ex. His whole thing was telling me how selfish I was being by, say, refusing to stop talking to my best male friend to ease his stupid jealous whims, and the idea that selective selfishness wasn't actually bad was exactly what I needed to hear.

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