On Apple Customers Rich

@melis I'm relieved to hear you have a phone again!

(Anonymous Internet strangers worry about you!)

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On A Poem By Corey Zeller

@thematt Or is it a play on flea market? And selling? (Authorial intent or accident? No, probably accident. But one that bends the line backward and connects up with beginning of the sentence and imbues the whole thing with a second layer of meaning.)

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On Taco Crawls And Crypt Visits! A Topographical Tour Of Oakland

@lalaland I'd also chime in that the Transbay bus is Not Bad At All for commuters (though some lines don't run late, so check in advance), and some of the loveliest neighborhoods aren't near BART stations. (And casual carpool is an amazing thing!)

If you're new to the bay area, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by Oakland. And if you like to have enough space to stretch your arms out and not touch both walls, or weather that doesn't mean all fog all summer, or not paying all of your paycheck in rent, then you'll like it better than SF.

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On Taco Crawls And Crypt Visits! A Topographical Tour Of Oakland

@iantenna Oakland is such a Great. Beer. Town.

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On Taco Crawls And Crypt Visits! A Topographical Tour Of Oakland

@vunder That cemetery is, uh, my favorite place to have a picnic. Is that weird? It's just really, really lovely there. (And you can get a tour one weekend a month that is just the best!)

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On Taco Crawls And Crypt Visits! A Topographical Tour Of Oakland

@Choire Sicha@facebook A resounding Yes! to Lois. There are other places that are hipper brunch spots (with longer wait times), but sometimes you just want a basic breakfast. (Or great pie.)

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On Lobstah And Crafts! A Summertime Guide To Portland (The Real One, In Maine)

@jolie I know what you mean! Last weekend I bought plane tickets to Bangor so I can spend the fourth of July in [name of small town redacted]. I just wish it wasn't so far away (in time and space).

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On Congressman Endorses Kutcher

Well, at least now the mystery of "Who even watches Two and a Half Men?" has been explained.

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On Survey Says! The Complete Online Dating Advice Guide for Men

@KenWheaton Ah, but that's just the thing: You won't know. Not always. There's definitely more margin of error with weight versus height.

And the problem with perusing online dating profiles (in both directions) is that it is easy to create bright-line cutoffs about physical attributes that will exclude people you'd find perfectly charming if you met them in real life first.

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On Breakfast Hotdish, Minnesota Style

@KenWheaton It's certainly not winter in California this year. Though, to be fair, it's never really winter in California.

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