On Hi, What Have You Guys Been Up To?

@jolie Well we all know YOU were just off scrubbing something... window sills maybe? Baseboards?

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On What Was The First Thing You Shoplifted?

The only thing I EVER took was this tiny fake-pearl bracelet that was actually a necklace that I took off a Troll doll. My mother made me return it to the store manager personally and apologize. It was so humiliating and traumatizing that I never shoplifted again.

Except for the TP and paper towels that I occasionally bring home from work, which is maybe sort of a gray area?

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On The Sunday Night Facebook Cooking Club

@Lulu22 I mean, I get where you're coming from, but I feel like throwing away chicken is better than getting salmonella/e coli/whatever poisoning. Meat gets thrown away sometimes, it happens - it's not a responsible use of our resources but neither is buying veg and not eating it, or buying cheap shoes that you only wear three times, or throwing away half a bottle of nail polish that has gone gummy after sitting on a shelf for years (oops).

tl;dr - shit happens, better not to dwell on it.

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On What Was Your Weirdest Celebrity Sex Dream?

Just two nights ago I had the world's greatest sex dream about Ryan Lochte. I mean this mostly unironically, because as douchey as he is, he just makes me want to do ALL THE THINGS to him. And it was the most explicit dream I've ever had.

And then last night I dreamed I was pregnant/in labor... there was a realization that it was NOT Ryan Lochte's baby but the timing was still weird.

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On A Guide to the Spooky Scary Secret Monsters of Every State

My roommate is from Vermont... her bong is dino-shaped, and she named it Champ.


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