On Week Disliked

@ellecat i haven't read it yet but i disagree.

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On Our Friends Introduced Us To This Wonderful Band

i went there recently and was like ?? isn't this kind of programming what network awesome is for? and there are no archives. boo. i want the emily gould gossip playlist.

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On Robert Plant Is 65

Mighty Rearranger?! i painted my living room (parlor) to that album.

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On A Poem By Lina ramona Vitkauskas

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On Pause

in the spirit of the above (what seems mostly like in-jokes or whatever! sorry!) is it wrong of me to say i wish they'd been able to open another course to let the runners have the opportunity to finish the race? one tweet i saw on either the globe's site or on guardian.co.uk said runners who'd finished were running straight to Mass General to donate blood. this made me cry in relief and pride and want to get lance armstrong's opinion of the quality of that blood.

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On You're Sad Because Your Luggage Sucks

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