On Cat Power Is Playing Tonight, But I Won't Be Going To See Her


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On Cat Power Is Playing Tonight, But I Won't Be Going To See Her

"The knowledge that she has in fact fallen back into self-damaging behavior" -- knowledge? Try speculation. Where in the SPIN article is it "explicit" that she was wasted? And to use that trashy, poor excuse for journalism from the Miami New Times as evidence is seriously pathetic and lowbrow. She was sober as a judge last night, and her voice was transcendent as ever. She's still figuring out how to play these new songs live, and she's getting better and better with each show--you can watch that progress on youtube, even if the videos are low quality recordings on iphones. Give her a break, people--she recorded all the vocals and instrumentation on SUN--it's impossible to dilute that sound to one singer and four musicians on stage. When she sang older songs--I Don't Blame You, The Greatest, Angelitos Negros, Ramblin' Woman--she was pitch fucking perfect, and everyone in the audience swooned. David Bry, you missed an extraordinarily moving performance last night because of your haughty (not to mention utterly false) preconception.

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