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On The NRA Is On A Man-Hunt For Mike Bloomberg's "Fake Gun Owner"

Eddie the Eagle Libel!

And to think that CU in Toledo was a few votes and a heartbeat from the trigger.

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On The NRA Is On A Man-Hunt For Mike Bloomberg's "Fake Gun Owner"

@ConsolationPrize Yes, oh yes, oh yes....trigger discipline.

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On Terribly Disfigured Smokers Are TV's Fresh New Stars

@IBentMyWookie From a 1/16/13 post:
"See also seat belts.
Why can't we be the same way with fucking guns? Big Tobacco fought this for years. Every trick in the book and even invented a few along the way, e.g. the demon seed of scientific doubt. The majority of people want sensible gun laws. Fuck the NRA, are they really more effective than Big Tobacco was 50 years ago??"

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On Two-Headed Shark Fetus Killed By Shark Abortionist

Too bad the shark wasn't in North Dakota.

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On Magic Shape-Shifting Jesus Supposedly Arrested On Wrong Night

Well, the Coptics did write with more emotion.

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On "Daily Show" Writer Jason Ross On Writing For Free and Breaking Into Comedy

Um, Ken, there were no "Google Maps" in 2002.

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On An Internet Tabloid In The Time Of Comets And Mass Suicide

Hi my name's Ken and I am a journalist....*Hi Ken*
Srsly though, thanks for that Ken. You had me at Hale-Bopp. I marveled at that celestial phenomena from the light polluted skies of Northern Virginia. What strikes me most about this exposé was how close you were to being one of those dotcom billionaires. A contact here, a venture capitalist there and you could have been the Mark Zuckerberg of the dial-up age, or worse yet, Adrianna Huffington.
I'm trying to imagine what song Scala would have covered for the movie. Perhaps:


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On 2013 March Madne$$: The School Tuitions Of The NCAA Bracket

This is March madness.

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On Checking In With ... Pope Francis

He must be woking on his "divisions."

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On Here's a Comedy Sketch Called "CPAC 2013"

And when I tortured interrogated that Iraqi, I was able to avoid court-martial and become a one term congressman and Föx News contributor. And please send money to help me carry on the fight against the liberal destruction of this country.

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