On Eddie Murphy's 1980s 'Party' Album

I'll never understand how the guy could do amazing, spot-on impressions of the likes of Prince, Stevie Wonder and James Brown, yet come off like a complete doofus on his own material.

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On David Mamet Is 65

more like 65 years CRAZY amirite

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On How To Stop American People From Becoming British

I'm not actually bothered by this, because I believe the reason this is happening now (as opposed to pre-Internet, when it was genuinely hideous) is that Americans are being exposed to Britons and British culture in everyday life to an unprecedented degree. We're interacting with British people on message boards, website comment threads, social networks, and watching much more British TV thanks to BBC America and torrents. So I think a lot of Britishisms are just leaching into American speech just like any other language meme.

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