On When a Hot Cop Pulls You Over

Note: there is ALWAYS a copy at the N/CN boarder on I-84. There is also ALWAYS a cop on the Taconic at the junction with I-84.

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On Record Liked

"Gratitude Walks" is one of the absolute greatest songs ever and a killer way to open an album.

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On New Hats For Obama's Marines To Feature Breasts, Vagina: Paper

Or...if you RTFA that the Post "bases" its story on, the word "Obama" is never mentioned - and thus the comments to the original non-Post article never talk about Obama either. I smell retraction...oh, wait a second, it's the Post so forget about it.

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On Fries, In Order


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On 'Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart,' A Quarter Century Later


Was already listening to "Key Lime Pie" this week tryihg to make the summer arrive.

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On The Final Nail In "Halleluljah"?

To answer your questions, they did tourette's - or maybe Sir Paul was just having a stroke.

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On Should You Buy All 778 AC/DC Songs Now Available On iTunes?

First Song, first album: greatest. Ever. The other 777 just copy that greatness.

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On Killer Mike, "Reagan"

Ronald Wilson Reagan = 666.

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On Ribs, For Their Pleasure

Gundlach also makes a dynamite Zin, among other fine wines.
If you want to shuck the corn and grill it, try rolling it in a strip of bacon and covering it with aluminum foil - like the ribs, a good self-basting trick and then you don't have to worry about messy butter.

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On Soon Raising Chickens Will Be Mandatory In Brooklyn

@hman - an EP actually - Watery, Domestic

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