On The Insane Whole Foods Gowanus Is Open For Your Gentrifying Needs

"Is that a mutant baguette from the canal or are you just really, really, *extremely* happy to see me?"

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On Talking Heads Albums, In Order

Oy vey. Two magnificent live albums, one of which changed everything. Would an Allman Brothers list exclude Fillmore East? Would a James Brown list leave off Live at the Apollo? Would a Frampton...oh never mind.

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On Terry Adams Is 65

I really wish he'd kiss and make up with Spampinato.

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On Michael Crichton's 'Sphere': The Power of Positive Thinking

All the medical marijuana in California could not put a psychedelic tuxedo on this turd of a movie. Although this is pretty great:


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On Get Reliable Backup Storage For All Your Media, Using Human DNA!

"George Church, a geneticist at Harvard who helped start the Human Genome Project, encoded an HTML file of his latest book into DNA earlier this year." Which is, cough, the second best book about George Church ever written.

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On How Should An Author Be?

I have to wait another seven months for the keys to the kingdom? You teasing little minx! Also: I trust the Franklin Mint edition will come with matching ascot and monocle.

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On How To Get Your Lion Back When It Runs Away: Life Lessons From Tippi Hedren

I'm not a cat person, but this was great. I always had a soft spot for "Marnie," despite its campiness, overacting, cheap pop psychology, etc--kind of like community dinner-theater Tennessee Williams. Alas moviegoers would have to wait another ten years to see Connery crush it in Zardoz.

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On The Five Stages Of Grief Following The Publication Of One's First Book

@Smitros: You're on...Be warned, however, that I have been emulating Mr. Balk of late and am no longer the lightweight date I used to be...[belch]

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