On One Town, Two Newspapers: Will the Real Digital Innovators Please Stand Up?

I read that Jim Brady responded to this post. Unfortunately Mr. Brady's blog does not allow comment. He hasn't a clue the impact on the newsrooms he oversees, which are now making further cuts in local news reporting staffs in part to pay for Thunderdome -- ha, it doesn't save local resources, rather it takes them more time to manage, costs them valuable dollars in cross charges, leads to additional cuts, etc., etc. Yes, he says he wants to hear from the local properties, but that really is code for: Shut up, we don't care what you think.
You should, in fact, do as Mr. Brady advises: Dig a little deeper to see the true travisty of Thunderdome.
-- A former DFM staffer who once believed newspapers and news.com sites had a future.

Posted on September 29, 2012 at 1:13 pm 0