On A Poem By Frank O’Hara

possibly my favourite poet ever? this is wonderful, anyway. thank you.
i think i might try and learn 'animals' off by heart this weekend.

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On Our Radical Future: Cults, Utopias and Rebellions of the 1890s

this is a really fascinating piece, and i'm tempted to buy the book that you talk about near the end. i'd never heard of canudos either.

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On The RSS Reader Reader's Lament

@stuffisthings that is... i don't understand why anybody would do that

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On Why Does Pret A Manger Think Americans Are Stupid?

my office had pret sandwich platters in for lunch today and i fully ate 3 of those falafel and yoghurt sandwiches. YUM.

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On Understatement: "The Harry Potter books are not rebellious."

as if you couldn't do both

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