On The Killer Crush: The Horror Of Teen Girls, From Columbiners To Beliebers

I'm glad I learned of these things by reading such an astute article. As you wrote, it's more about the crusher than the crushee, and all I can think is how sad these crushers must be. Tumblr brings out the saddest of the sad girls when they are at their saddest and Columbiners and Holmsies fit right in there.

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On "Felicity" And The Joys Of Decent TV

@checkonetwo I've been watching Dawson's Creek since AV Club started writing (way too straight) recaps of it this summer. It's not a good show. I'd say it falls pretty deep into the embarrassing end of the spectrum (if you're one to be embarrassed by your TV-watching choices, that is). If you like Boy Meets World you're probably 10 years younger than me and Dawson's Creek might feel nostalgic and much more forgivable.

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On "Felicity" And The Joys Of Decent TV

@samantha_s A great show indeed, but another tragic victim of music-licensing issues! Add it to the list with Wonder Years and Dawson's Creek.

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On "Felicity" And The Joys Of Decent TV

A. I'm not the only person who watched all of Felicity on Netflix!
B. Wouldn't it have been so much better if Felicity chased Ben to college, but ended up falling in love with Julie instead?
C. Time travel! When the show originally aired I gave up on it long before the time travel, and I'm not sorry about that now.
D. If you watch Ally McBeal, which I also watched (I don't have cable, okay? I've watched your Mad Men, Weeds and Breaking Bad, too - don't judge.), skip season 3 and anything after Dame Edna shows up. Just watch the first 2 seasons is what I'm saying. There's good stuff in there.
E. The Wonder Years hasn't aged well for me, especially with the substitute music. More in line with Felicity is My So-Called Life, which is awesome on its own as well as as a time capsule.
F. Your idea of pink noise describes far too many of my favorite TV, movies and novels.

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