On The Year In Lesbians

This is a great article. It goes to show that the assimilationist queer isn't limited to the upper-middle-class white gay man and that it extends to its reach beyond the privileged gender. I hope to see some more radical moves (pro feminist, anti capitalist) in the future. I hope NYC sees some of that shift in the new mayor and his (former radical feminist lesbian) wife.

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On Irony Is Wonderful, Terrific, Fantastic!

Excuse my prescriptivist leanings here, but what everyone seems to be complaining about or defending here is a mixture satire, cynicism and insincerity--these do not make "irony."

Let's take it back to actual definitions here. Let's get all middle school on this bitch:

Go read O. Henry's "Gift of the Magi" (it's a good season for it, too!), and remember what the fuck irony is supposed to be.

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On Not-Yet-Famous People And Whether They Lived Or Died On "The X-Files"

BD Wong was in the same episode as Lucy Liu... He died.

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