By hershmire on Word Somewhat Powerful

If you hover over "Sunday" on their interactive calender, that weekend that Sunday is in becomes "this weekend", while the Saturday five days from then is "oxt weekend." So now this new, wholly unnecessary word can refer to the coming weekend instead of the weekend after the coming weekend. Oy.

Also, "Oxt Weekend" sounds like some kind of Midlands pagan harvest ritual. "What do you mean you didn't buy the Oxt Weekend biscuits? Now I have to run down to the corner shop and pick them up myself. If they have any left, that is, you barmy bastard!"

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By KarenUhOh on Word Somewhat Powerful

They spelled it wrong.

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By Mr. B on To Karl Ove Knausgård, Re: Your Tortured Feelings for the Gays

Hi Matt. I didn't say that, though? I was reacting, perhaps a bit pithily (as we do on the internet, lol), to what I see as your extremely reductive statement that to admire gay writers (not just Proust) without mentioning their sexuality is to "[strip] them of what made their art (and their lives) compelling." I dunno man, I guess I'm sorry if I think there's plenty that's compelling about In Search of Lost Time other than the fact that the author was gay?

Please don't put words in my mouth: That doesn't mean "I don't care what people do on their bedroom" -- just that I respectfully disagree with you that it's the most important thing about someone.

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By KarenUhOh on To Karl Ove Knausgård, Re: Your Tortured Feelings for the Gays

Life is complicated. Troubles, triumphs and tedium. Catharsis and catastrophe. A couple of epiphanies. Three, if you're lucky.

There. Didn't take six volumes, after all.

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By Clarence Rosario on The Potato Salad Kickstarter Is the Science Fiction Villain We Deserve

Potato salad, in and of itself, is not the science fiction villain we deserve.

The science fiction villain we deserve would be crowd-funding a potato salad cannon.

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By 1008877428@twitter on How I Got My iPhone to Finally Let Me Swear

@antarctica starts here - as in having the girlish waist of a panties-wearer. Not as in profligacy with undies.

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By Clarence Rosario on The Looming Threat of "Generation Z"

This is the Z that World War Z warned us about.

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By HelloTheFuture on The Looming Threat of "Generation Z"

38 percent plan to invent something that will change the world.

Good luck with that.

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By Pop Socket on The One True Comment Section

I've been in lots of civil successful comment sections. The key is self-discipline and controlling trolls either with moderation or peer pressure.

What I fear will happen is a trend towards requiring Real Names and validated e-mails. These are seen as a panacea but the treat the symptoms, not the disease.

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