On The Tall, Skinny, Shining Skyline That L.A. Deserves

It's like what happened in Philadelphia 30 years ago.

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On Relief Sought

Really kind of hoping this was about LARPers of Color.

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On There Was New York

This is stupid and cliche-ridden. And there's something a little proto-fascist about attributing something to the character of a people and a city rather than the structural elements and causes that are screamingly obvious.

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On Where Should We Bury the Dead Racist Literary Giants?

"you know quite well intertwined penises would not fly as an award"

Schoolmarmery seems like an odd stance to take in life. But how about a little wager? When the vote comes around we'll both vote to make it not HPL but then I'll propose my Cock-a-Tea idea and you propose your Hitler one (which I think is just in bad taste generally, sci-fi or no) and we'll see which gets more votes. Hint: It will be the cocks.

I just wish this had been a better article about how racist he was (your flip to Exoticism [which you ironically insist on calling Orientalism] at the end of Shadow Over Innsmouth is not well argued, you simply state that it is not a genuine conversion and not what, textually, makes it an insincere and/or appropriative one) with no superfluous venture into attempted relevance by bringing in the WFA, an award I only just now heard of.

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On Death Name Difficult

Operation Reflux.

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On Where Should We Bury the Dead Racist Literary Giants?

Lovecraft had every kind of prejudice possible to him. He hated other races (and for a Rhode Island yankee that would include the Portuguese) and other religions and other classes even parts of his own race, religion, and class that somehow did not keep the side up (the Catskill Dutch degenerates in The Lurking Fear). And the universe scared the bejesus out of him. He was a terrible guy who could not even be cured by Brooklyn. But when he puts our hairs on end do they go on end because we are participating in the prejudices that allowed him to semi-articulate fear so persuasively? I would say his problems were his access to something universally human and fearful. But who cares? It's not banning and burning we're discussing so go nuts. It's undeniable racism is at the heart of much of his work, if not the central point (which I don't think it is, but it is one of the central motifs used to semi-articulate the central point), and if that should disqualify a dead man who will never hear any of this from having his bust distributed to people he has never heard of nor will ever meet...I mean, come on, can't you see the futility of this discussion? It's only happening because something in the work other than racism worked. And no amount of reminding ourselves about the racism will ever change that. So fuck it. I really don't think there's very much at all you could do to the physical form of the WFA that would make me or anybody else who isn't a raving loon bat an eye. Make me a member of the prize committee and I'll happily vote to change the shape of the award to any other goddamned thing anybody can think of. May I suggest two massive intertwined hyper-realistic cocks emerging from a tea-kettle filled with edamame? Of course he's racist, of course the work's racist, of course the work is more complicated than that, and of course it doesn't matter if he's in the canon or not.

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On Man Struck By Bike

@iantenna Nah, man, internet commenters.

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On Eat the Skin

I knew a guy who ate kiwi like this. Unsettling. Like he was eating mice. Vegetal mice they called them. And with good reason.

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On News Utterly Broken

What's next, costumers being asked to leave their false mustaches at home when they go to Olive Garden? Fascism. Pure, unadulterated, communism.

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On Neighborhood Demographics Shifting

I'd like to thank Chloe for reminding me that things were always awful and scenester-ridden.

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