On A Fan's Notes On "Gilmore Girls"

Ugh I have vehement dislike for this show, and principally for the characters of Lorelei and Rory. I just never found them believable, even if I sometimes empathised with their situations/reactions. Lorelei's dad was fun, though.

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On Portrait Of A Witch

This was FASCINATING! (As was the first comment.) I would love some kind of series on personal perspectives on/experiences with religion, particularly ones I know nowt about.

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On Literally The Worst Word On The Planet

Gaaaaah I have a colleague who does this all the time, as in, "This is an invoice from the stationery supplier...yep, this is literally their invoice"....a) I AM NOT DISPUTING THIS, colleague! and b) how could it be an invoice from the stationery supplier OTHER THAN LITERALLY??

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