On Now You Can Drink To Help Forget That You Are Smoking Fake Cigarettes

Oh, man. That hover text made me laugh, even though I was totally expecting it.

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On How Did 'Forrest Gump' Ever Beat Out 'Pulp Fiction' For Best Picture?

@Mr. B Gladiator? He was thrilled!

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On Pull Me Out

If the category "Is Something Wrong With The Plane?" is a "Flirting With Disaster" reference, Bra-effing-vo.

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On The Violent Femmes' "The Violent Femmes" At 30

I was in a neighbor's room, the older kid in the neighborhood who knew all of the good movies and good music. Just like you, I was hooked on those first 16 notes and proceeded to play down my Memorex copy until it was warped.

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On Bar Code Inventor Checks Out

I'm looking forward to Jim Earl's obituary on this guy on WTF. This is right in his wheelhouse.

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On Literally The Worst Word On The Planet

@Ian Carey@facebook
I did up above before I read your comment.

Note to self: Read all of the comments before commenting.

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On Literally The Worst Word On The Planet

@ejcsanfran Hey, if it's good enough for Joyce, it's good enough for me.

"Lily, the caretaker's daughter, was literally run off her feet."

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