On The Writer Who Beat The System: How One Woman Resurrected Her Sexy Vampire Brothers

UM. Super stoked to hear Smith is using her time wisely to write fan fiction instead of finishing the Night World series! Strange Fate has been "forthcoming" since 1998! I'm an adult now, but I was a teen fan, and there are a lot of us that are a bit miffed at so much of the drama around losing VD when time could have been spent finishing an even better series...


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On Ask Polly: My Great Job At A Top International News Publication Sucks Ass!

To present an alternative opinion for LW1: I was like you. I graduated from a cozy private college with a dream job in a competitive, glamorous industry and I was miserable. I took a better job (a management position, no less) in the same industry two years after graduating and I was even more miserable. Why did I stay working a job that made me miserable for 4 years? Because I felt like in this economy, having any job was a miracle, and I was lucky to have advanced so far in my industry of choice. I wanted to make my parents happy. I wanted to prove people wrong and show I could support myself doing what I thought I wanted to do. I was living the dream I thought I wanted, but I didn't deserve to be happy--it was either/or.

After four years, I quit, spent a year freelancing and saving up to go back to school to get my PhD in a very different field. I have a lot less money now, but I am so happy doing my research and working on research for other professors. My only regret? That I didn't quit my old job sooner. I feel like I wasted a lot of time doing something I thought I had to do, because people told me my 20's were SUPPOSED to be about robot work, misery and figuring it out.

But I think they were wrong. I am older than many of my fellow students, and I have a lot of regrets about wasting time in a glamorous-but-awful job. In fact, I miss a lot of opportunities now, because I have responsibilities to my family I wouldn't have had if I was right out of college.

I think you should quit and go for whatever you really want to do, at least while you are still young and can take those risks.

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On Ask Polly: How Do I Stop Meeting Arrogant, Mentally Ill Pricks?

@fondue with cheddar All I can say is, UGHHH, but to you: hey girl! who vets these headlines?

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On Ask Polly: How Do I Stop Meeting Arrogant, Mentally Ill Pricks?

LW1, thanks for lumping people with mental illness into your list of deal breakers! Of course mental illness = jerks unworthy of your love. That makes total sense! You are so smart.

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On Lipa Schmeltzer, The Hasidic Jew Who Makes Hilarious, Magic Music Videos

This is amazing, not only because Lipa is one of the most accidentally-hilarious people on Twitter, but also because it's giving me TOTAL FLASHBACKS! Shlock Rock used to play my camp every summer, and by the way we all reacted, you'd think *NSYNC was actually on stage.

Anyway, sometimes I find myself really weirded out by the 1 877 Cars-4-Kids commercial because it sounds just like a Miami Boys Choir song.

That is all.

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On 'The Mists Of Avalon': Free To Be In Camelot

I definitely did a book report on this in the fifth grade in front of my whole class and my teacher was MORTIFIED. Retroactively apologizing into the Internet.

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