On Just 20 Minutes Of Practice And You Can Lie Like The Pros

#wastedresearchdollars How can this be news?

I wonder who they included in their study sample. GOP presidential candidates in 2011/12? Closeted Hollywood "celebrities"? Real housewives, dance moms, bachelors and bachelorettes?

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On Last Straight Man In America Weirded Out By Gay Creep In "Skyfall"

And how about that Pussy Galore and her flying circus of voluptious amazons? Despite the fact that she submitted to Sean Connery's charm (and who wouldn't?)I always got an early lipstick lesbian vibe from her.

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On Perfect Tarte Tatin in 10 Easy Steps

actually, calvados-infused ice cream or whipped cream is DIVINE with a tatin.

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On Perfect Tarte Tatin in 10 Easy Steps

@Choire Sicha@facebook
oh fiddlesticks! It's not that bad, you just have to make sure that you have a firm hold on the pan and the plate and that you're quick about it. No hesitation, like pulling off a band-aid. A bit of practice with the empty pan & plate before it gets all hot and precious also helps, just to get the right flicking motion and timing into your wrist muscle memory.

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On Obama, President for Life

These kind of abstruse statements are always more illuminating with respect to the psychological and mental make-up of the author, rather than the person they're talking about.

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On London Forgot to Round Up All Its Poors

They must be looking for extra hotel rooms for the 'lympics.

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