On One Ring To Rule Them All

@a minister of propaganda So....why are men assholes? Men are assholes b/c the men that father children are either rapists or men that had consensual sex?

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On UFOs Caught On Video Over Brooklyn and San Francisco

There was an article in my local paper about strange lights not TOO long ago, kind of similar to these. I believe at the time it was just written off as the ramblings of that particular type of slightly batty, slightly new age leaning, sixty something rich lady. This was in Naples, FL. What specific and exclusive taste these aliens have in real estate.

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On Benzos And Opulence: At The Marrakech Film Festival

@eggplant Xanax. You could kill someone w/Xanax. If you got em addicted and them convinced them to withdraw cold turkey. Or to mix it w/methadone in recreational doses. But maybe the movie was good.

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On The Eternal Life Of 'Twilight' In Forks, Washington

@City_Dater non-sociopath teens? Is that like jumbo shrimp or dry rain?

Or is it more like bad joke? Lol, I knew it was when I typed it but for some reason I really wanted to. I am actually kinda funny usually

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On The 40-Year-Old Reversion

@mc cool_friend Also, for some reason I was trying not to be flip so I didn't add this originally. WTF, right? But I envisioned this article being narrated to me by my Cousin's-neighbor's-friend--you know the one, who takes five minutes to get to the point of WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU CALLING FOR and is so vague that you don't know anyways b/c she doesn't know any synonyms for "cocaine" and "painkillers". Maybe in your case she is your ex boyfriends roommate's sister in law, but whatever, she is the same fucking lady. And like, she just does not fit in comfortably and you can't figure out why she WANTS to, what w/total immersion in drugs not being that great a lifestyle. And then probably she's brought some nervously over friendly girlfriend along so she is playing some weird role for her benefit a little even though you TOLD her not to fucking bring anyone, and if you didn't it's only b/c it never even occurred to you that you would have to TELL someone that. And then you charge them three times the going rate and take half their shit for yourself but even that only just barely makes you feel better about her posturing so that her friend can turn it into a story later that night about how what a closet badass she is.

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On The 40-Year-Old Reversion

@Brunhilde Yeah, you know, I really try not to take myself too seriously. But despite that, shit like this grates on my nerves. Because actually BEING a drug addict is not really that cool or counterculture or rebellious.

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