On Russian Fools Climb Tall Tower

And here is someone climbing what looks to me to be a solid wall of no-thank-you-get-me-down-from-here in Mexico, without ropes:


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On Are Twitter, LinkedIn And Facebook Worth Anything?

And this is why valuation is done using a number of factors, not just revenue alone.

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On Senior Government Official Identifies Place That Sucks Worse Than Pennsylvania

You are right, Alex. The Waldorf-Astoria does suck.

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On Ask Polly: Help, Our Friend Is Marrying An Evil Harpy!

“The fiancée is in her late 20s, from Italy, and needs a green card to stay here (see what I'm getting at?). We can tell she's from wealth from how much diamond/expensive jewelry she wears and how she frequents expensive restaurants despite her only "job" being a no-pay, volunteering gig at an art gallery.”

That, or she is in crippling debt. None of the things you mentioned are markers of wealth.

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