On 'Rebecca': The Real Housewives Of Cornwall County

@Reed Jackson@twitter Heck yes to "Don't Look Now". Also, that pen name is perfectly cromulent.

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On In Defense Of August

@dj pomegranate In Philly the public pools closed on the 15th. Horrible.

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On Hideous Birth Control Methods Through The Ages

@C_Webb Well that's because it doesn't really matter if a woman is too tired to have sex, amiright?

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On How Did You Get There, Vegan Fashion Designer Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart?

@DrFeelGood It skips it in the article, but not on the brands websiteL http://www.vautecouture.com/index.htm

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On How To Enjoy A Beef On Weck When You're Not In Buffalo

@craygirl has the garbage plate been discussed on here yet? Because ohmygod.

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On 'Naked Came The Stranger': The Dirtiest Book Ever Written By A Group Of Newspaper Guys

@scrooge The writing isn't supposed to be fine. The whole intent of the book was to make it awful and see if people would still read it for the sex.

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