On Bob Mould, "The Descent"

Without Grant Hart, Mould is nothing. Despite the fact that he's taken great pains to insist otherwise. BOOOOOOOOORING!!!!

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On Roughing It On An Indie Theater Tour

For some reason, this tale sort of reminds me of when I was in a shitty band in Boston in the early 90's and we were playing at the craphole above the Penalty Box next to the Garden, and for some reason there was some acting troupe from NYC booked before us. They sucked, and it was painful to watch---in the way bad acting/stand-up always is, but they acted as if they were so superior to everyone there and we were all lucky to have been graced with their big city NYC selves.

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On The CDs You'll Never Be Able To Get Rid Of

Have to disagree with the inclusion of the Grifters, Love Battery and Soul Asylum.

The Grifters were hit and miss at times, but had some great songs.

Love Battery's LP "Far Gone" suffered from shitty production but overall was a great psych-pop record.

Despite their incredible sell-out, Soul Asylum up to and including "Hang Time" was an amazing live band, and pretty solid---especially loved "Made To Be Broken."

Samiam was also OK up to "Billy"---after that, just shitty.

Agree with most everything else on the list.

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On How To Enjoy A Beef On Weck When You're Not In Buffalo

The Goo Goo Dolls. Have been shitty for some time, but their first 3 records were fucking great---especially the covers they did with Lance Diamond. And they were always great live in those days.

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