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On The Unverified

While I think all the arguments against presented here are quite reasonable, and might even further add a wanking motion and an eyeroll, my own objection still rests primarily on the little check mark icon being deeply offensive, aesthetically. It's so… farmville.

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On Man Has Horrifyingly God-Awful Blogging Job

You first.

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On The Anticipation List

Very much yes on Mockingjay, but also, lest we forget, there are copies of Iain M. Banks' Surface Detail already extant in the wild. This idea excites me in my bathing suit area.

This should in no way be interpreted as a plea for some kind and morally flexible Awl reader working in publishing to email me said manuscript. That would be illegal.

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On How to Make and Eat the Perfect Cranberry Sauce for Thanksgiving!

My apologies, Balk, but

fap fap fap fap

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