On When A Man Shows You His Dick Pics On The Subway

My condolences, to get my serious response out there first. Both of those things suck and there's no excuse for them.

But the first thing I thought was: how do you know those were selfies? Maybe he has your old 303 number and is just lovingly curating what he's received.

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On Man Acquires Money, And Then Houses

@Jenn@twitter And I should say: I don't think owning a house is the best or coolest way to spend your money at all. That's really only if you like owning a house. There are so many perks to (1) not being stuck owning the place where you live and (2) investing that kind of chunk of change in something more awesome.

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On Man Acquires Money, And Then Houses

Even as someone who loves houses and has a real estate problem, I don't really see the point of owning two houses (that you don't rent out) in the same city. Unless they were, like, next door to each other or something and you wanted the extra land and a whole guest house, I *guess*? Maybe? But it seems like if you were suddenly rich you'd want to diversify. If you love houses, *maybe* get a vacation home somewhere cool (I am skeptical even of this unless you're someday planning to live there permanently, because empty houses make me sad), or like, something awesome like a houseboat?

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On Terrible Summer Camp Counselors We've Known (And Been)

I went to nerd camp for two three-week sessions nearly every summer. One summer, I started dating a girl in first session, and then in second session, we were on the same hall (in the dorms of the campus where camp was held), which meant we were eligible for sleepovers together. We had every intention of being good and sticking with the group on weekend nights, but our counselor (who knew us from the session before) called us in the first night of the session and said, "I know you're going to want to have private sleepovers, and I just want to say that's OK - I trust you more than I trust myself." We sort of felt like we had to take advantage of the possibility at that point, and so spent a nice, if a little awkward, few nights together, not ready for anything else (we were 14 and 15 and pretty inexperienced).

The next summer, my new girlfriend was on this same counselor's hall and had a single room, and the counselor gave us tips on exactly when we could hang out there without my being missed. When I rolled out to get back to my dorm in time for class or activities or night-time check-in, she'd just smile and tell me to make sure I brushed my hair and washed my hands before my next activity.

Basically: this woman was for some reason even more dedicated to my getting laid than I was myself, which is kind of funny, but also kind of weird. (A male counselor the year after that had the same attitude, even telling me where I could get condoms etc. and where I could get privacy with those I was interested in of both genders, and also kind of tried to date me himself. I wish I'd been half this popular after I became legal!)

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