On The Terrible, Fascinating World Of Hate-Blogs

The problem is commenters on Gawker/Jezebel make their little hateblogs on tumblr to dissect the "trolls" they encounter on GM. I don't know if it's a fault of tumblr formatting but these people will take things you said in the comments and repost them to their tumblrs with no context and edited for their convenience. It's one thing to get banned from Jezebel because you're not cool enough to hang out with the mean girls (seriously, that's why you get called a troll, you aren't sticking to the script.) But it's quite another issue to google your username and discover scores of tumblrs have reprinted your comments, dissected them, and rearranged the meaning of your words to make you sound like a moron.

I just don't understand how they're able to do this given that anything published on GM including comments is considered the property of GM. Sites like Fucknojezebel steal that content to capitalize on work people created for a completely different forum.

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On The Clothes I Have Known And Loved To Death That I Wish They Still Made

A great way to hold onto clothes you love but wore out is to make a quilt of them! I am thinking I should start a business doing it because I love my quilt so much that I've made out of clothes I've worn and loved all my life. I also make pillows out of t-shirts and other stuff. Hit me up if you want to see my work/are interested in working with me.

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