On Have We Reached Peak "Gimme Shelter"?

I recently saw Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World" used in a motion-picture soundtrack unironically. It shocked me to my very core.

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On Here's What Happened When We Gave Mars A Pounding

I eagerly anticipate the followup video, where we'll see Curiosity teabagging the red planet.

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On How To Make 17th-Century Delights: Whipp’d Syllabub

Just came by to see if anyone had made a Princess Bride joke yet.

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On Like The Man Says…

#9 is so awesome that I am considering becoming paranoid, just so someone will say that to me.

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On A Little History Of Blackmail

Blackmail is a plot device in many of Muriel Spark's novels, and is at least referenced tangentially in pretty much all of them.

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On Do You Have Garbage Taste in Music? A Quiz

This can't be right. I scored 9 points (it would be only 4 if I'd shaved this morning) and my taste in music is absolute crap. I have Asia's Greatest Hits in my playlist, for crying out loud.

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On Our Billionaire Philanthropists

This is why I read the Awl.

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