On 21 Lies Writers Tell Themselves (And How They Can Stop Lying To Themselves And Become Awesome!)*

How many of these do I need to check before I can go back to bed?

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On One Town, Two Newspapers: Will the Real Digital Innovators Please Stand Up?

Sad, really, how many companies are badly managed by egotistical blowhards who drive those venerables into the dirt.

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On The Castaway's Guide To Making A Home

Good historical, adventurous stuff and the context of Victorian (and other) morality is delightful.

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On I'm With Awesome: Fire-Walking With Tony Robbins

thanks for describing an experience which is, to paraphrase David Foster Wallace, a supposedly empowering thing I will never have to do...ever. Tony Robbins: made in America.

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On 23 Terrific Movie Studio Bumpers

I worked for Cinecom in the 80's. Our "new" logo was a man in a small boat struggling against the large waves. The marketing department worked on that twelve seconds of film for a long time to get the right feel - the little guy against the larger forces. Good collection here but I do agree there could have been a dozen more.

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On The Clothes I Have Known And Loved To Death That I Wish They Still Made

That's some raggedy drawers.
I made a velcro fly for my husband some years ago, I thought it was the only one and for a reason.

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