On A Portrait of the Alt-Bro as a Young Dumbass

@HelloTheFuture I got a kick out of it. I'm surprised it's on the Awl rather than Hairpin, I bet it would have gotten a more amused response over there.

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On Spoilers, Screenerbrags and Squabbles: How Film Critics Use Twitter

"While the wonderful and renowned Roger Ebert is on Twitter, and continues to blog..."

Sad face.

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On Penis Rays, Self-Loathing and Psychic Voodoo: Autobiographical Cartoonists on Truth and Lies

So good. Thanks for writing this.

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On What TV Character Have You Wanted to Be?

Re: Cord Jefferson's response: When I watched My So Called Life in high school Jordan Catalano was soo dreamy. When I watched it again when I was older he was such a ridiculous asshole who was almost certainly high all the time...but still damned pretty.

I think he's one of the best characters to show you your progress in growing up. How you view Jordan Catalano as a straight female (or maybe as a gale male?) becomes a handy test for your maturity in terms of what you look for and admire in a partner.

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