On How to Make a Good Salad Without Dumb Leaves

That salad you're calling "Israeli" has existed in the Middle East since long before Israel was there.

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On Checking In With My Pile Of Rejected 'New Yorker' Cartoons

@twolle I interned in the cartoon department too! And I definitely spent most of my time opening mail and sending rejection letters.

By the way, Esther, he does go by "Bob."

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On Ask Polly: I'm Turning 30 And Anxiety Is Ruining Me

@Georgiana Murariu@facebook Me too. LW, Polly is right: I identify so much with your letter, and I wish I could give you a hug.

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On 'Crash': The Most Loathsome Best Picture Of Them All

@NorieY This reminds me of the time I watched Higher Learning as (I think) a 12-year-old. It took a few years to realize that "LOOK RACISM EXISTS" wasn't an insightful commentary on anything at all.

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On 'Crash': The Most Loathsome Best Picture Of Them All

@Lionel Mandrake That movie was amazing, yet you and I are probably the only people who ever watched it.

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On How Did 'Forrest Gump' Ever Beat Out 'Pulp Fiction' For Best Picture?

@Danzig! I'll agree with the assessment that the Academy Awards are a silly popularity contest that have little to do with actual film quality, but I think Quentin Tarantino is just as overrated as Forrest Gump, if not more so. The only redeeming quality of Pulp Fiction is the soundtrack.

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On The Sunday Night Facebook Cooking Club

@Frantastic Did Mark Bittman really tell you to cook cabbage rolls without any liquid other than the tomato sauce? Because if they're anything like stuffed grape leaves, the rice will definitely cook inside the leaf, but it needs water, broth, or any other liquid that you would use if the rice weren't all wrapped up.

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On What Kind Of Girls Do You Like?

Lucy! I love the Twin Peaks police department receptionist.

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On What Was Your Weirdest Celebrity Sex Dream?

My most embarrassing is definitely the dream in which Mayor Bloomberg and I were in a long-term, serious relationship. He admitted he was embarrassed to be seen with me because I was too young for him, and I yelled at him that I was the one who should be embarrassed, since I would never want anyone to know I was dating a Republican.
Once I dreamed that Angelina Jolie and I were hiding together in a cupboard, but sadly, nothing happened.

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