On Reckoning With 'Thelma & Louise'

we were also trying to figure out what the hell with the cyclist.

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On Reckoning With 'Thelma & Louise'

I AM LOSING MY MIND OVER HERE because just last night I invited every bad bitch I know to my house to eat black bean enchiladas and watch this movie and we had an awesome time and now this. Love love love.

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On Your Massively Open Offline College Is Broken

via a friend on g-chat:

are universities flawed as a way to get people into the labor market? yeah
because they're inherently unequal (not everyone who makes it to grad school belongs there or deserves to be there)
but what's better -- that or MOOCs, which don't really remedy that system at all, and attract people to commit time and money to a riskier bet?

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On Your Massively Open Offline College Is Broken

@Dr.Dinosaur Agreed! I know that in my high school we tracked kids pretty early on and a lot of that was based on their current perceived class interacting with the consequences of having a harder life. This shit goes allllll the waaaaay baaaaack to class, race and poverty.

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On Your Massively Open Offline College Is Broken

This is a great, great addition to this debate -- especially the acknowledgment that college really is a piece of paper for a LOT of people.

Ok so, here's my perspective -- I got my degree from a workaday state college, cobbled together from two online community college classes (done during an out-of-state internship, busy me), AP credits, a year at a different state college with a nice honors program that I quit, and 2 years at the degree-granting institution. I've since taken 3 enrichment-y classes (Spanish, statistics, art) at 2 different community colleges.

I think college is, for lots of people, an assumed rite of passage into the white-collar working world. It was for me. ("Of course you'll go to college!") For other people, it's a rich, deep, for-its-own sake kind of experience you get at Ivies or lil liberal arts schools or whatever. Which is what I want now, but can't have, because I'm a Working Adult now. Hence the "for fun" community college stuff.

It's *already* different things for different people and students *already* select into institutions that match their ambitions. (When financial and other resources allow -- that's another huge, huge issue.) I think the problem is more generally a race to the bottom in all sorts of areas of people's economic lives. The reason for getting a degree has become divorced from the outcome, right? That's how I got a BA with zero civics/political science classes (we want educated citizens), only a remedial math class (we want well-rounded writers/scientists/poets) and zero cultural anything (we want to all be conversant some mass culture with things to say).

MOOCs won't fix that.

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On Meet Your New Paranormal Romance Date, The Werebear

Ken Layne rules and everything he's written for the Awl I've lapped up basically

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On Love And Other Conspiracies Of "The X-Files"

@hockeymom "HOME!" I drove through/by Home, PA, on my way to college freshman year and would get creeped out.

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On Ask Polly: Will I Be Alone Forever?

Polly is so good at advice, oh my god.

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On Assets & Liabilities: Understanding The Rolling Jubilee Project

I had been waiting for Maria to weigh in! Thank you.

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On Notes From Inside Obama's Election Night Party In Chicago


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