On Your "Vibrant" Economy Is Keeping Things Unequal

The study says nothing about vibrancy or what cities are thriving unless you decide (as the Times reporter apparently did) that "vibrancy" means "the rich are richest."

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On The Troll Conundrum

@Ralph Haygood I disagree. I could write this response after logging in from my Facebook (which is in my real name) or my Twitter (where I have a joke handle), but either way I’m going to write the same thing. Defining “trolling” as “anything done pseudonymously” doesn’t seem to me to help the issue.

Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I think the Guardian piece gets halfway there: the word “troll” is used in too many different ways to have much meaning anymore. People use it interchangeably to mean “provocative jokester,” “attention/pageview-whore,” and “harassing asshole,” all of which are (in my mind) pretty distinct. One is looking for laughs, one is looking for clicks, and one is looking purely to offend. The only real uniting factor is they all take place on the internet, which, like, sure, but everything does now.

I think it’s like “hipster”--people just use it to mean “I disapprove” but not to describe or engage with the behavior in any meaningful way. I’ve tried to stop using it entirely. There are plenty of other less meaning-muddled words you can use to register your disapproval.

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