On Showtime's "Dexter" and "Homeland" Violence Trigger Warning

The more apt modern trigger warning should be when Carrie's coworkers listen to her having sex with a married man in a dirty motel room. That seems more likely to happen than (SPOILER) we get hit in a bomb at CIA HQ.

(No, the President didn't die because the President wouldn't really go to a memorial service at CIA HQ but instead would probably go to the actual funeral at religious establishment of choice because one is far better for his image than the other.)

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On Look Back in Eyeliner: Three Girls at a Duran Duran Sleepover in 1984

Yeah, I was the one who liked Roger. Reading this I was almost certain that was my own birthday party in 1984. The uncensored Girls on Film video caused my father, dropping off the pizzas in the basement, to raise an eyebrow but to his credit he, with a basement full of giddy 12-year olds, remained otherwise nonplussed. I finally saw them in concert - all 5! reunited! until Andy left again! - a few years ago and it was totally the fulfillment of a teenage dream.

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