On Ask Polly: My Terrific Herd Of Friends Is Being Ruined By This Awful Freak

@Olivia2.0 Thank you for saying this. This group sucks. Unless your two small kids are amazingly entertaining and everyone loves them like daughters. Seriously, find a new group. Or let Jessica into my group, we will eat her. At a restaurant, because we don't fucking cook.

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On Ask Polly: My Life Is A Beige Pointless Hellscape!

HEATHER. How are you so wise?

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On Ask Polly: I Never Felt Appreciated At My Job And It Still Drives Me Nuts!

Just wanted to come and say: Polly, you are the best.

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On Ask Polly: How Do I Find True Love And Stop Dating Half-Assed Men?

@themnemosyne "I am pretty okay with 2nd wave feminism having the "unfortunate side effect" of making your dick sad."

I want to have this tattooed on my ass.

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On Why Are Reporters Constantly Misquoting People?

@jfruh Oh yeah, I was extremely misquoted for a local article and was kind of shocked how obvious it was. I was in Tucson when the shooting at Gabby Gifford's talk happened, and went to a vigil that evening. A local reporter was getting very general comments from people and talked to my husband and I. Didn't write anything down or record us. He got our ages and positions wrong, and basically took the gist of what we said and made up quotes for us. It was relatively harmless, but bad.

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On Ask Polly: Should I Dump My Stupid, Lazy, Alcoholic Husband?

@Chimpo Sorry, I disagree. And while I generally like Polly's advice, she puts the onus on this woman to change their life on her own. If she wants to make the marriage work or at least get to some root of this guy's problem, I don't see why they can't have a conversation about his behaviors and motivation that could have a positive and treatable outcome.

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On Ask Polly: Should I Dump My Stupid, Lazy, Alcoholic Husband?

LW1 - I think Polly gives good advice, but I just wanted to add: has your husband ever been checked out for ADHD or similar attention/behavioral issues? He could just be happy with his status quo, but a lot of what you list sounds like ADHD problems to me. Difficult to stick to plans, pursue long-term goals, bad with money, self-medicates (?) with alcohol, etc. It might be worthwhile looking into!

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On There's No Place Like America Today

I am in love. Guess I better start working on my hitchhiking...

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On A Guide to the Spooky Scary Secret Monsters of Every State

@KFo Actually I was thinking about the jackalope. . .my favorite imaginary creature. You catch them with bowls of whiskey!

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On Remember Joe Isuzu?

Are we having fun yet?

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