On Is New York Losing The Restaurant War To The Bay Area?

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On Cliffs, In Order


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On Why I Don't Live At The P.O.

@BadUncle Is this the same as the station that "serves" Carroll Gardens? The one that's at least 2 miles from the nearest subway where you have to walk under the BQE and past the frightening scorched-earthy sort of field to pick up your ever-loving package? That one? Or a different one where you should maybe be prepared for a knife fight?

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On A Letter from the Theater Community Regarding David Adjmi's "3-C"

@Frederick Landau@facebook You are a genius.

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On What TV Character Have You Wanted to Be?

Emily Hartley from The Bob Newhart Show. After a couple of brandy alexanders, Emily was basically Al Swearengen.

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On I Personally Would Like to See a Prequel to 'Time Bandits'

The Ten Commandments.

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