ok we popping champagne like we won a championship game.

On Stars, "No One Is Lost"

Nothing is surprising here if you know the early ep's. Known offenders of the "let's do that electronic music thing in our pop songs" variety. Nothing new under the Saint Etienne sun.

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On The Most Correct Way to Grill Vegetables on a Stick

@lakawak dude, stay away from the grill and kitchen. Here's a pint of soylent, or whatever. Do you also only drink everclear?

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On The Generation That Weaponized Feelings: What Was An "Emo"?

I so wish this had been better written and edited. WHAT IS YOUR ANGLE?

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On Manic Pixie Dream Mom

This could be so good if it were edited in the least.

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On 2013 Style: A Tragedy In Four Acts

@Izbizness no. That's Hedi's job. But it's "Saint Laurent". Makes me think you don't even know how it's pronounced, which makes you as fashion-aware as a busload of Chinese nouveaux riches queuing outside the LV corner in the Galleries Lafayette (or "LaFayet"). Such illiteracy will get you and all of LA arrested by the fashion police.

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On 2013 Style: A Tragedy In Four Acts

"St. Lauren"? What's wrong with you bro? This whole piece is a neverending parade of inaccurate opinions. I'm gonna go ahead and call that "very LA" then keep staying the fuck away from that city.

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On Acronyms Weren't Invented In 2013, Helpful Story Informs

Somebody post them here in the comments if they're worth it, because I am not clicking that fucking link.

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On Ask Polly: I Am So Jealous Of This Other Girl!

@marina I read it as a mind game she's offering to LW#2 - the "very uncharitable, bad-energy explanation". Then she switches to another hypothesis, which we'll call "the 'Japanese Gum' first verse hypothesis" because Her Space Holiday is totally underrated. Letting the hate flow through you and bad faith aren't prescriptions for everything, but sometimes they help.

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On Blood Orange, "Time Will Tell"

I like this and all, but there's a reason why pop songs are 3'30", Devonté Hynes.

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On Load Shot

This is what the blink tag is for, brother.

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