On Knife Twisted

As a person in power, it is possible to get away with some epically bad decisions. However, you've really got to get the banal shit right.

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On What Happened To The Jobs?

@jfruh The post below is about a year old; I think it still holds true, though.

"The participation rate for the 'over 55' age group has been rising since the mid '90s (purple), although this has stalled out a little recently."


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On Paul McCartney, "Queenie Eye"

Dolly Parton.

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On Now Nate Silver Is Just Laughing At You

@Van Buren Boy I'm going to have to insist you pick that up and put it out with the rest of the trash.

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On New Single Molecule Pictures Blow Insomniac's Mind

Radical! (Ugh. I'll just see myself out.)

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On Christopher Lee's Concept Album: When Saruman Went Metal

I'm kind of in love with this review.

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