On Drinks That You Should be Ashamed to Order in Public

A couple bloggers seem to be suffering from self-confidence issues -- no, I'm not a shrink *eyeroll* If any of my customers took this list seriously, I'd be lucky to make $5 on Saturday night. So a Jack and coke is sad, but Dewars and coke -- yeah, cool. Frangelico and amaretto -- sometimes after queso and a ribeye, you feel like dessert, but don't exactly have room for cheesecake. And as far as the jack and cokes, vodka tonics, Long Islands, etc., do these two honestly expect us to believe that they've never sat down at a bar exasperated from way too much shit going on in their lives that when the bartender asks them what they'd like to drink, they've felt somewhat surprised and rushed because they forgot to think about what to order because they were thinking too much about all the bullshit that drove them to visit the goddamned bar in the first place.

Posted on August 13, 2011 at 10:23 pm 2